World-class Service and Support

We know how overwhelming it can be to navigate the fast-changing world of technology and to make sure your organization is evolving fast enough to keep up with digital transformation. We’ve built our business around helping clients break through the noise and find the right technology solutions to support business productivity and growth.

[Success Story] Dan S – Center for Disability Services

When the disability service needed a helping hand for IT, who did they reach out to?

Who else but OneConnect.

Dan S.
Chief Information Officer
Center for Disability Services
[Success Story] Emily G – OrthoNY

Who did the doctors call when their IT needed therapy?

OneConnect, of course.

Emily G.
Director of IT
[Success Story] Margaret S – Airosmith Development

When the wireless communication firm sent out a signal for IT assistance, who answered the call?

Hello, OneConnect.

Margaret S.
Airosmith Development
[Success Story] Carol L – Rose & Kiernan

Who did the insurance agents contact when their communications needed some extra coverage?

OneConnect, naturally.

Carol L.
Senior VP & Controller
Rose & Kiernan


When you choose to partner with us, you get the benefit of our knowledge and expertise built on long-standing relationships with leading solution providers.

We follow a tested and proven methodology to ensure a successful engagement.

  1. We Listen First

    We meet with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your technology goals along with whatever issues or challenges you may be facing and how they’re affecting your business

  2. We evaluate

    We conduct an audit of your current technology solutions, communication systems, and utilities usage. We do a comparative review of your current vendor/supplier services with other available offerings to see if we can find you cost savings, increase productivity, or improve performance.

  3. We discuss recommendations

    When we find ways to optimize your systems, we give you plenty of options to consider so you can pick the best solution provider for your business. We advocate and negotiate on your behalf, handle procurement, and work with the solution provider you choose to design a roadmap for success.

  4. We implement

    We assign an expert from our project management team to work directly with you to coordinate, schedule, and oversee the implementation of new technology solutions to simplify your technology transition.

  5. We ensure your ongoing success

    We provide support and services to keep your operations running optimally with full lifecycle management. We handle all the back-and-forth and we hold suppliers accountable for meeting milestones and keeping their service delivery promises.

ALWAYS unbiased and honest recommendations.
ALWAYS an Account Team you can TRUST.
NEVER a cost to our Clients.