Why You Should Implement a Mobile Device Management Solution

There are several factors involved in the expansion of the number of mobile devices accessing company networks. From the migration to cloud computing and permanent remote work environments to the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, it has become a challenge for IT teams to even gauge how many mobile devices are accessing network resources. A mobile device management solution can help.

A mobile device management solution, or as it is often called, an MDM, can streamline the maintenance and inventory management of mobile devices, as well as improve security. Let’s dive deeper into each of these areas:

Maintenance and Updates: With a mobile device management solution, it’s easier to automate maintenance, such as system updates, so that you are no longer relying on employees to initiate a software update. A strong advantage of corporate-owned devices over a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program is the ability to automate areas like device maintenance, in addition to your team only being required to become familiar with a few approved devices.

Inventory Management: If you’re a team that can’t comprehend effectively managing a fleet of devices because you are simply so far from knowing what, at a granular level, is accessing your network, then mobile device management is likely a good fit for you. You’ll have access to detailed information about the devices utilizing network resources.

An MDM is also helpful when it comes to life cycle management of devices. You’ll have a detailed record showing how old employee devices are, when they require security patching and other updates, as well as when they are due for a device upgrade.

Security: You can significantly decrease your security risk with the use of a mobile device management solution. If your company is implementing a zero trust network access (ZTNA) approach, MDM can help by applying multi-factor authorization across all devices, applying consistent endpoint security, and more easily recognizing any mobile device behavior that is an anomaly for that employee in terms of the time of day they are accessing resources, the location or the specific areas of the network they are accessing.

The expansion of mobile devices is not expected to slow anytime soon, and if your company is struggling with manual security policy application or identifying which devices are on your network, an MDM might be a good investment for your company.

To learn more about mobile device management solutions, their potential for integration with your other technology, and the associated cost benefit analysis, contact us at One Connect. We can help you determine whether your current and future mobile technology plans require an MDM and then guide you in leveraging the best solution for your needs.