How To Improve Workplace Mobility With Unified Communications

As more employees work remotely or while traveling, businesses need to embrace solutions that enable seamless communication and collaboration from anywhere, at any time. Unified communications (UC) solutions combine multiple communication tools into one platform, making it easier for remote and mobile employees to stay connected and productive.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of unified communications solutions for improving workplace mobility and empowering your employees to work efficiently even when they’re outside of the office.

What are Unified Communications Solutions?

A unified communications platform integrates voice calls, video conferencing, messaging, and online meetings into a single system. By combining communication channels, UC solutions allow employees to effortlessly switch between tools like phone, video, chat, screen sharing, and more – all within the same platform. This streamlined approach helps distributed teams collaborate more efficiently.

How Does Unified Communications Improve Workplace Mobility?

Some key advantages of using unified communications to support your remote work and mobile employees include:

Enhanced Flexibility

UC empowers employees to work just as effectively remotely as they would in the office. With access to the full communications platform from any laptop, mobile device, or desktop, they can make and receive calls, start video meetings, send messages, and share content all from a single unified interface. There’s no need to juggle different apps or switch between devices.

Better Teamwork

UC solutions facilitate real-time collaboration no matter where team members are located. Collaboration features like file sharing, co-editing documents, hosting virtual meetings with screen sharing, and recording capabilities help mobile and remote employees work on group projects together, even across geographical barriers.

Higher Productivity

Consolidating all communication channels into one UC system creates a streamlined workflow that boosts productivity. Employees save time by not having to constantly switch between different apps and devices for calling, messaging, meetings, and collaborating. Integrated capabilities like presence indicators, find me/follow me call routing, and unified voicemail and messaging inboxes also enhance efficiency by reducing hassles.

Cost Savings

Moving a UC platform to the cloud eliminates costly on-premises hardware and maintenance. With unified communications as a service (UCaaS), businesses only pay a predictable per-user monthly subscription rather than major upfront investments. The cloud model provides scalability to quickly add or remove UC seats as workforce needs change.

Improved Customer Service

UC gives mobile and at-home agents a full communications toolkit to provide responsive omnichannel customer service. They can engage through whichever communications channel is most convenient for the customer – voice, video, chat, SMS, and more – all from a single desktop or mobile app. This flexibility enables faster problem resolution and more personalized customer experiences.

Embracing the Future of Work

Work is no longer a place, but an activity that can be done productively anywhere. As flexible work models become the norm, unified communications solutions enable the seamless connectivity and collaboration capabilities remote teams require so employees can perform at their best from any location. 

At OneConnect, we help businesses of all sizes navigate the changing technology landscape confidently. We’ll select and tailor solutions from top UCaaS solution providers to ensure you find the best price and the highest level of satisfaction. If you’re struggling to transform your workplace mobility strategy with the right unified communications solution, OneConnect is here to help. Reach out today to learn more.