Cyber Security for the Hybrid Workplace: Finding the Best Solutions

There doesn’t have to be a trade-off between accessing your data and keeping it safe. That’s a common misconception that needs to be addressed, as too many organizations are putting themselves at risk of attack because they believe cyber security solutions will hamper workflow. Even in a hybrid work environment, there are plenty of options available to companies of all sizes that meet a variety of needs.

There are a couple of definitions for hybrid work that are most widely used, and both have an important cyber security component. Much has been written about the hybrid work environment as it pertains to employees working from the office and remotely. But there is also the hybrid environment regarding cloud and on-site data storage and application use. With roughly 60% of corporate data being stored on the cloud, companies are forced to have important discussions about how data is protected.

Going Against the Legacy

It’s important to not hang on to legacy solutions when it comes to cyber security. Failing to implement something as basic as a security update can turn into a significant problem for organizations using older technology. These legacy tools were built to protect data being accessed by employees in the traditional setting, all working under the same blanket network.

These tools weren’t meant to consider a hybrid situation where remote workers tapped into the network via potentially unsafe connections. Legacy tools aren’t necessarily made obsolete by current hybrid situations, but implementing more robust, modern security should be mandatory for dealing with remote work.

Partner With an Expert

There is so much to consider regarding security that it can be staggering for companies of any size. From password hygiene to firewalls, VPNs to zero-trust solutions, traffic monitoring to keeping the workforce educated on the latest threats, security teams can quickly become overwhelmed.

Gaining traction can be as simple as partnering with an expert that knows all about the latest security solutions and which ones will work best for your organization’s workflow process. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so get connected with a trusted expert and gain assurances that you’ll be protected.

One Connect has solutions for hybrid work challenges related to cyber security threats and risks. We’ve worked with many organizations to better understand their work environments, and what can lead to better workflows while simultaneously reducing their probability of being successfully attacked by cyber criminals. Contact us and learn more today.