BYOD: Managing Security and Productivity With Equal Measure

It’s been around 15 years since bring your own device (BYOD) programs began to really take hold. Technology has improved by leaps and bounds since those first Blackberries and iPhones began to show up in the workplace, and employees can take full advantage of a host of efficiencies available to them now. Workers have more flexibility than ever now that the infrastructure has improved enough to provide almost total mobility. The only problem is that without a strong security strategy and a plan for implementing the right device management solutions, all that mobility can lead to some unwanted outcomes.

The Enhanced BYOD Culture

BYOD was firmly established in just about every industry long before the pandemic hit, but greater mobility became essential when social distancing requirements came into effect and employees began working remotely. Some organizations had to enhance their technologies so employees could continue to connect with each other as they would in a normal work environment. Going forward, those enhancement plans are only getting more important.

One thing is certain – the mobility provided by BYOD is a permanent part of business strategy. For companies that had not embraced mobility prior to the pandemic, they are certainly needing it now. Companies enjoy the benefit of employees that are “always” available. And while the constant availability is obviously beneficial to the company, employees also enjoy the ability to put in their hours in a more flexible and mobile manner.

Creating Efficiencies

To create a more productive work environment, you must have the correct framework in place, which for many companies means implementing mobility technologies that allow them to streamline the way information is shared, particularly from remote locations to the main office and to individual remote workers who need to work as a team.

 A mobility management solution is essential for creating the right connectivity and security in the corporate environment when heterogeneous devices and operating systems are part of the solution for business processes. It also helps to have the right policies and employee training in place to ensure that personal devices do not pose an additional risk to network security.

Cloud-based solutions are often the go-to method for creating a productive environment, but there are many to choose from and making the right decision can be tough. Every company has its unique needs, which means matching those needs to the right device management provider should be a priority.

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