Artificial Intelligence Leads the Way in 2023

In the brief history of this digital age, one thing is certain: cyber criminals will take any opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities. During the height of the pandemic, bad actors were digging deeper to inflict harm via malicious threats such as ransomware, malware, and phishing scams. In response, organizations are focusing on new cyber security measures to keep them safe, including implementing artificial intelligence technology.

If you’ve taken a passive approach to cyber security, such as planning what to do when you get hit, it’s time to take a more proactive approach that includes preventative measures so you can stop an attack rather than respond to one.

How to Approach Cyber Security in 2023

Cyber crime is an industry. It preys on vulnerability, but it can also wreck an organization that has spent a lot of money on security solutions. And everyone is a target, not just the big corporations. Small- to medium-sized businesses are often the most targeted, as cyber criminals know how difficult it is for smaller companies to prioritize security in a hybrid work environment.

The majority of corporate leaders are taking a new approach in 2023 by raising their budgets to accommodate more advanced cyber security solutions, such as those applying artificial intelligence.

Why Choose Artificial Intelligence Technology?

Artificial intelligence has found its way into so many areas that it was only a matter of time before cyber security experts began implementing it in their solutions. So, what’s the advantage? First, it is used to identify threats that weren’t previously easily detectable. Algorithms allow for a fast self-analyzation that picks up on anomalies and puts preventative steps that can save a company into action.

For organizations that have implemented non-artificial intelligence solutions, false positives have been a big issue that can be both time-consuming and costly. Artificial intelligence drastically reduces the number of false positives, thwarting what has become known as “alert fatigue.”

Cyber criminals can’t be stopped from carrying out their attacks, but the faster you respond, you can limit the impact on your business. Artificial intelligence helps shorten detection and response times, while anything that requires human intervention takes time.

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