Application Security in a Fluid IT Environment

When you consider concepts around cloud migration and digital transformation, the idea is usually that workflows are moving off-site and into the cloud. But some companies are beginning to embrace a more fluid approach to their IT environments. Application security concerns are driving new approaches to cloud security, including shifting workflows based on where they best perform and where they reduce cloud security concerns.

IT experts are discovering that workflows may be best suited to an environment in which apps can reside anywhere, including in the data center, in a hybrid or multi-cloud design, or in an edge computing setting.

Embracing the Fluid

Racing to implement digitalization strategies allows companies to offer faster and better-performing applications. Organizations are working to determine where applications should reside to offer the best performance, cost savings, and customer experience.

Fluid environments support flexibility and allow companies to accelerate their ROI for technology advances. On the negative side of things, fluidity causes complexity in terms of protecting locations and networks, creating an expanded attack surface and increasing overall vulnerability to cyber security attacks.

These issues can stunt the growth of cloud adoption strategies. A survey by Cybersecurity Insiders found that security teams identified several factors that can slow cloud adoption: reduced visibility (49%), cost concerns (43%), loss of control (42%), and security concerns (22%).

When addressing application security, IT teams encounter several additional challenges:

Applications in Multiple Locations: When a fluid approach is embraced, security teams must manage applications across multiple clouds and data centers.

Rushed Cloud Adoption: Factors like the pandemic and pressure from leaders can force teams to pursue cloud initiatives despite reasonable reasons to delay, causing ongoing security challenges.

Misconfigurations: The greatest risk in hybrid or multi-cloud environments that allow for fluidity is not necessarily the efforts of malicious hackers. More often, poorly configured security allows vulnerabilities that are easy to breach.

The Solution

Application security will continue to be a challenge as companies pursue digital transformation strategies and experiment to identify the best workload placement and corresponding cyber security approaches. Organizations will have to accept that there are some applications that are unlikely to ever move to the cloud, due to security and compliance concerns.

In order to secure environments, companies need to embrace an automated and consolidated cyber security mesh platform. The right solution will allow companies to secure any application workflow, no matter where it resides, providing the flexibility for applications to evolve.

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