4 Features That Showcase How UCaaS Boosts Productivity

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) continues to gain more of the corporate communications market. A recent survey by Metrigy entitled, “Workplace Collaboration: 2023-2024” included the responses of 440 companies, 30% of which use UCaaS as their primary communications technology platform.

You may have been considering UCaaS to unify a hybrid or remote team. Or maybe it first came up because of the potential cost savings. You may be pursuing UCaaS as a way to handle scalability. What you might have overlooked is the wide array of productivity-enhancing features. Here are four that are worth noticing:

Contact Center Enhancements: The survey found that nearly 74% of respondents were using an integrated approach to their unified communications (UC) platform and contact center solutions. This streamlined management cuts costs and results in better customer service. Agent efficiency improves because agents gain new flexibility in communications with back-office employees or company subject matter experts to answer customer requests more efficiently.

Easier Integrations: UCaaS providers offer easy integration with other apps using plugins that are available off the shelf. For instance, workflow management can be integrated into meetings to make information and communication flow smoothly. Integration is seamless via application programming interfaces (APIs), or they may offer low- or no-code features that allow for custom integrations. In some solutions, companies are able to implement UC features into applications such as email or customer relationship management solutions.

Consistent Performance: With 45% of the workforce working remotely at least part time, the importance of a uniform employee experience becomes clear. For many workers connecting remotely, this takes place over a virtual private network (VPN), which can cause performance issues and delays. With UCaaS, remote workers access the solution through the local connections with a better network connection, resulting in better voice and video quality.

Team Collaboration: UCaaS providers have focused on team messaging as a leading feature of the user experience, and companies also see this as their primary collaboration point. More than half of the respondents (53%) in the Metrigy survey considered it a workplace hub. 

UCaaS equips teams to make faster, informed decisions by integrating with other applications so that it becomes a central location for a range of resources, such as task management, customer relationship management, and product intelligence. As a result, teams are collaborating in the context of their work and data, rather than having to toggle between applications to gain access to a report or check product information.

There are many good reasons to upgrade your communications solution to UCaaS, including rich features, flexibility for remote workers, and enhanced security. Before you choose a provider, check into the productivity enhancing features offered. If you need a guide in the selection process, contact us at One Connect. We can help you clarify your priorities in a communications solution and narrow down your list of providers to leverage the best technology for your business needs.